About this project



NOTA BENE – This project will soon end due to the new European Copyright Law (30/03/2019).


The designer of this blog is a french-german translator concerned for a long time by media treatment of information in the era of virtual globalization. The featured messages in English, French and German are selected in constantly evolving lists, and priority is given to open-access contributions. This essentially non-commercial project starts with a weekly selection of press releases via Twitter, but will also take other forms over time. – Your comments on this project and the selected news items are welcome if they are not written for advertising purposes or propagation of hatred, racism and other forms of discrimination.


Disinformation is an attack on democracy:
Information is the only remaining weapon.



In terms of information processing, objectivity and neutrality are utopian claims: thus our selection is necessarily influenced by personal convictions and fields of interest, even if we want to give the floor to a wide range of political and social streams, of course without sharing every opinion and position. – Although the linked pages are tested to the extent of our possibilities, we have no influence on external website’s contents, ads and tracking cookies. – Since there exists no commercial partnership with Twitter or any of the media referenced in this blog, the selected contents are presented under the Fair Use Law for inspiration, information and educational purposes only. No Copyrights Infringements are intended, nor should any be claimed. Please let us know if you are the copyright holder of a content presented here and wish it to be removed: We would immediately meet your request





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